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Brief summary and review of Consilience

             Wilson, holds the definition and context of the title. Defining the word consilience as the interconnections between areas of knowledge, Wilson shows the bridge of natural sciences to the social sciences and appeals to the ideology of the Enlightenment. .
             The argument is presented that all the research that has been conducted bring the biology of the brain more closely associated with the humanities. Modern technology shows that brain functions are due to the networking of neurotransmitters, but Wilson tries to make the point that the brain's functions are also in part created by the ethics and thoughts of a human being, thus showing a modern Enlightenment theory.
             Wilson's argument is also that human behavior is understood through not only biology but also, and essentially, alongside the concepts of the social sciences and humanity. Also a psychology major myself, I would have to agree with Wilson to a certain extent. Human behavior can be defined both ways. For instance, children can mock and therefore learn the actions that their parents make. A child can learn that from watching a parent that checking the door before leaving the house to make sure it's locked is a daily habit. That same child could also have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), which is mainly categorized as a biological disorder. For psychologists, however, this idea of a consilience between disciplines may not exist. One of the main issues that a psychologist comes across in a case study is the nature versus nurture controversy. It has to be either one or the other. Otherwise there will be no way of knowing exactly how a human behavior, or pattern, can be defined.
             The unification of knowledge or at least the existence of connections between different disciplines is supposed to be viewed as a part of an evolutionary process. Wilson believes that without the borders between the social sciences and natural sciences, people can gain more progress and go beyond their limitations.

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