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Hucklelberry Finn and Racism

            The Racist Roots of Literature Analysis.
             There has been developed a certain norm established by our generation, a norm of extreme undercomprhension accompanied by overcompensation. Some people take this to the point of removing a enormous piece of American Literature, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, seemingly because a few opinionated people have a problem with it. There just so happens to be a particular word which creates these intense feelings, this word is nigger.
             The original word became duragatory, generally, when slaves first arrived in the American Colonies and were treated worse than the dirt thatt they were forced to use as a urinal (as a norm). There are two large reasons that can be devised as the cause of the contempt of this word. First, the person is black and generally does not appreciate being degraded through speech (or written form) which is needless to say, understandable. The second devisable reason, is that the person is of another heritage (generally), and does not feel comfortable making others feel uncomfortable established through morals acquired as a result of years upon decades upon more years of looser morality in this respect.
             The context of the use of the word is of utmost importance. In the instance of Huck using the word, it was him displaying his utter inosense as well as blaintant anti-racist views rather than the creating of racial contraversy dilema as it has developed into. To criticise the general use or loose use of the word "nigger" would be ignoring the overall picture of these innocents. Also, dealing with Twain, nigger was a common word and racism was a way of life more or less for most people. Because of this, it shows great daring in the use of the word and the use of the characters as an unpopular view on the way people of the 1890s acted. He, in fact was trying to do the very thing for which he is oppositly being accused.

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