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How far did the Vienna Settlement ignore the force of nation

            A) Nationalism was said to be ignored when:.
             a) People were put under foreign rule.
             b) National unity was not granted or being hindered.
             B) Pros: examples illustrating the overlooking of nationalism:.
             1) Belgium.
             2) Poland.
             3) Germany.
             4) Italy.
             5) Saxony.
             6) Norway (joined with Sweden).
             C) Justifications for overlooking nationalism in 1815:.
             1. Conflict of principles - interests of less importance had to be sacrificed.
             2. It's too demanding (not practical) to require the drafters to accept or even to promote nationalism when one takes into consideration:.
             a) their social origin and class interests.
             b) Austrian position.
             c) Nationalism was related to the French Rev and it had to be suppressed.
             3 Hindrances of implementing nationalism in 1815 (Seaman):.
             a) Germany.
             1) localism was stronger than nationalism.
             2) a unification by force would be impossible and certainly not desirable because of the war-weariness of the people.
             3) Britain and austria were hostile toward a united Germany.
             b) Italy.
             1) the strength of localism.
             2) a united Italy would disturb the balance of power in Europe.
             3) French influence might increase if Italy was united.
             4) Question of the Papal State prevented moves towards greater unity.
             c) Belgium v/s a weak but independent Belgium would make her an easy victim of French ambition.
             4 One should judge the settlement in the eyes of 1815 people:.
             a) Nationalism should not be taken for granted since it was actually not that popular and widespread in 1815.
             b) People had different understanding for the term nationalism in 1815. For them, nationalism meant to be freed from French rule (liberation).
             c) Nationalism was undermined because of its connection with the French Rev and the general mood in 1815 was against the Rev.
             d) The Congress could not have foreseen in 1815 the strength of nationalism as shown in the 1848 Revolutions.
             5 The Congress was met to end the chaos left by the war; NOT to fight new wars, to force Austria (Prussia) into accepting German unity, to evict Russia from Poland or the Turks from the Balkans.

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