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Japanese internment camps

             citizens of Japanese decent was justified on the basis.
             that they were a risk to relay secrets that could harm the U.S. army and regular.
             citizens. (agree/disagree).
             I do not agree with the internment camps for Japanese Americans. Even today,.
             the United States has long recognized that the mass confinement of.
             Japanese-Americans during World War II was wrong. I feel that imprisoning a.
             person based on their national origin is never justified. During the World War.
             II, many Japanese Americans were moved from their homes on the west coast of the.
             United States and imprisoned in relocation camps for three years.
             Relocation left many Americans with a legacy of shame. The war was a struggle.
             to all Japanese Americans. They had to maintain their dignity in the face of.
             injustice. Japanese Americans fought for justice, both in courts and in.
             Congress. The result turn out to be discouraging. During World War II the.
             relocation was justified as a "military necessity." However, I believe that.
             internment camps for Japanese Americans were not because of the threat and risk.
             they might have on the United but was based racial bias. Many people believe.
             that the Americans did this because of they were a threat to national security.
             but I believe that was just an excuse. The internment camps was a discrimination.
             to all minorities. It violated their rights. "Civil Right," everything our.
             country stands for. But we were hypocrites the moment we took the Japanese.
             Americans into the camps. We should have considered the importance of civil.
             rights in everyone's lives before we made this move. The Americans should have.
             also consider the U.S. Constitution as a document that describes the basic.
             rights of U.S. citizens. The Bill of Rights and selected amendments point out.
             how unjustified we were to do this to the Japanese Americans. We have worked so.
             hard to create a country where we treated all men equal and with rights, but as.
             soon as Japan attacked Pearl Harbor we forgot what we have worked so hard to.

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