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Factory Farming

            It is in the human nature to eat meat and poultry. Eating meat and birds is a part of millions of people's everyday diet. Eating meat had a lot of advantages to your body. It provides the body with protein and iron. It is almost impossible to find a restaurant that does not serve meat and poultry. Raising livestock is a job that many people decide to join. Raising animals to be consumed can be a very lucrative job. There is a major demand for meat in grocery markets. But this supply comes with a hefty price - cruel treatment of innocent animals. Seventeen to seventy million "farm" animals are killed every year for human consumption. The joy of eating meat comes at the price of an animal's life. The facts will paint a picture of exactly how gruesome factory farming can be.
             People who eat animals are unaware of the pain and suffering that animals have to endure before they are killed. Dairy cows are forced to live in a metal cage just two feet wide. The cows are denied straw bedding and forced to sleep on concrete flooring. In order for a cow to produce milk, a cow must be pregnant of nursing a calf, so dairy cows are forced to have a calf every year. "A diary cow gives milk seven out of the nine months they are pregnant" ( "Factory Milk Production" N.Pag.). In nature, a cow would give ten gallons of milk but with genetic manipulation and intensive production technologies dairy cows give over a hundred gallons of milk per day. Due to this fact, over half the diary cows have brittle bones and "milk fever". Milk fever is caused by calcium deficiency. A dairy cows body cannot produce enough calcium it needs in its body. When a dairy cow's calf is born it has a fifty-fifty chance of become a dairy cow or veal and ground beef. As soon as a calf is born, it is taken away from it's mother. The females are raised in confinement until they are at a "milk giving" age. Over half the males that are born become veal.

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