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The Chiricahua Apache: People of the Rising Sun

             The average day of an American consists of driving to work, or school, in an.
             automobile; coming home at the end of the day to a dinner that's already made for you, or.
             easily made by yourself, and relaxing in the comfort and safety of your own house. A.
             house that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Advances in technology.
             have also made things easier for people around the world. We have been given the joys of.
             TV, DVD's, computer's, video game systems and so on. When we look across the land.
             what we see are tall buildings made of steel and brick. What was here before all of these.
             technological and industrial wonders; and what was the average day like for the people.
             who lived here? These questions bring the focus of this paper to the American Indians.
             There were many different tribes scattered across the country. Each tribe had it's own.
             personality and beliefs. I will discuss the culture and other traits and aspects of the.
             Chiricahua Apache Indians. I will discuss the Chiricahua's way of life from when they.
             roamed free living off the land -- the plains and the mountains of the Southwest " to their.
             battles to regain their freedom from the United States Army, until their eventual.
             The Chiricahua Indians are just one out of many tribes of Apache Indians. According.
             to Anthropologists and other Apache tribes, the Chiricahua traits and customs differed.
             from those of other Apache tribes (Cole 2). Although tribes had similarities like trading.
             goods, communicating with each other, and even raiding each other for goods and.
             supplies, each tribe had their own way of living life. The Apache tribes resided in the.
             Southwestern portion of the United States. They roamed areas of Arizona, New Mexico,.
             Texas, and often crossed back and forth over the U.S. and Mexican border. The.
             Chiricahua lived in small huts called wickiup's which could be easily abandoned if the.
             weather or other incidents would force their migration (Stockel 2).

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