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Comparison paper on my lai massacre

             For several years, there has been a controversy against the United States troops.
             Beginning with heated protests, and then ending with the trial of.
             Lieutenant William L. Calley. The Vietnam War has just been a complete nightmare. The United States tried to keep the My Lai massacre secret, but information leaked into the public's hands very quickly. In this confusing situation, people had several different views of what happened out in Vietnam, back in 1968. The plan to keep the incident secret had failed, with the help of a photographer named Ronald L. Haeberle, and a soldier named Thomas R. Partsch. Ronald L. Haeberle had taken pictures from Vietnam, revealing horrifying shots of dead women and children. Soldier Thomas R Partsch's part in revealing to all of America was his journal that he kept during the Vietnam War. In his journal, he had confirmed the shooting of civilians. On the other hand, these documents have been crucial on why the United States shot at Vietnamese women and children. Pertaining to both evidences, neither of them gives a complete and detailed story on what had happened. Some U.S. troops have said that Vietnamese civilians would walk up and be a "human bomb" to kill all the troops standing by. The soldiers .
             could not trust anyone, anymore. Shooting what the soldiers thought was a threat, was not a crime, but a way of surviving.
             The photographs by Ronald L. Haeberle, portrays a very gruesome picture in one's mind. In the photographs, some civilians including children were shot dead on the dirt road. These photos are very disturbing, but they give the viewer a sense of what might have happened. In an argument to Ronald L Haeberle's evidence, the photographs could have been staged. For example, people and objects could have been moved to look like they were shot with no sense of cause or protection. The people in these pictures portray innocence, which in some perspective they should because they are only children, but the viewers do not know the whole story.

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