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Movements within literature

             Out of all the stories read through out this semester, there have been two stories I have truly been able to relate to, and understand exactly where the author was trying to go with her story. Lorraine Hansberry's, A Raisin in the Sun, and Alice Walker's Everyday Use speaks to me, not only because I am African American. I also understand all the misunderstood views and the need to fit in to what is said to be a man's world, These stories speak to me because, they show women with the ambition to get more out of life, and be comfortable with one's self. Both stories deal with women's position in society, and how blacks have had to overcome many struggles. The result of these struggles have been the Black Movement, and the Women's Movement, just to name a few. Hansberry and Walker had a lot say about society cultural issues, and did so through their writing by using themes, symbolism, and feminism. .
             What Happen's to a Dream Differed? Raisin in the Sun's title says a lot. The dreams each family member had was a dream that in their eyes hard to reach. It was the mother who shattered the male dominated views that women were to be seen, and not heard. She made it very clear that she was in control of everything that went on in her house hold. The mother is the one who had a dream, and went after it by moving her family out of their tiny apartment, and into a house of their own.
             Other themes of a Raisin in the Sun include the idea that money solves everything. The audience finds out that indeed money solves nothing. Evry single character needed money for one thing or another, and when they finally got it, their previous problems were still there. Having money only helps you to obtain certain physical things, it solves nothing. The central theme in Everyday use deals with the way a person understands his present life in relation to the traditions of his people and culture.

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