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Life of christ

             "As Jesus lay in the tomb after being crucified, two celestial beings descended from the heavens. As the massive stone rolled away Jesus appears above the tomb with His head above the skies." This story of Jesus rising from the dead three days after being crucified can be found in canonical writings as well as non-canonical writings. The gospel of Peter tells this story as well as the gospel of Matthew. These books all have different and similar ways that they portray Jesus. Like many other Jewish Christians, the Ebonite's viewed Jesus as being fully human, a righteous prophet but not a divinity. The contents of this paper will discuss the effect that a man named Jesus Christ had on early western culture as well as modern day society. .
             "Like many other Jewish Christians, the Ebonite's viewed Jesus as being fully human, a righteous prophet but a divinity not. The ebonite's also portrayed Jesus as being a normal union between a man, who we believe to be Joseph, and Mary." The Gospel of the Ebonite's appears to be a harmonization of the canonical gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke. Another non-canonical gospel is the gospel of the Nazoreans. In this non-canonical gospel, Jesus" conception and His birth had been deleted completely. Although some non-canonical Gospels may be considered false, some share the same views or portrayles of Jesus. Some of these non-canonical gospels share the same stories as the canonical gospels but with less detail, as if they were copied or written down later in time. .
             The gospel of Thomas portrays Jesus in his teenage or adolescent years. This gospel was discovered in 1945 by a man farmer by the name of Mohammad Ali. While he was digging with his brother he came upon what is believed by some to be the most important and influential find of the modern era. He discovered an ancient pottery jar. When they decided to break the jar open they discovered that inside were thirteen leather-bound codices-papyrus books that contained more than fifty individual documents.

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