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Cultural Relativism

            Ethical relativism puts forth the doctrine that there are no moral views or beliefs that apply to all cultures. If this belief was held true throughout society then even the smallest sub-cultures would have their own set of "rules" to live by and no one could say a word if they were grossly astray from the norms of greater society. In that particular group it would be viewed as perfectly normal behavior. This creates a system where no person regardless of their assumed authority by society can tell another what is wrong, a turn in the direction of chaos. Or more precisely, an attitude that does not strive for progression or advancement and simply takes the lowest denominator.
             The idea of ethical relativism says that what is right in one culture may be wrong in another, yet to that culture it is right and therefore cannot be discriminated against. This can be applied to an infinite number of groups and sub-cultures throughout the world. The borough of Kutztown has many sub-cultures in this very small area. Locals are relatively conservative and rural, where the students who live here for portions of a year come from all over the world with their own beliefs and traditions. The local population always clashes with the student population because of the views about what students can do for fun and why the town cracks down on any type of event that takes place. To the students there is nothing wrong with going out on any given night to drink and have fun with friends. The locals feel that the students should be controlled and restricted. However according to ethical relativism, the views of the students are not wrong and should be respected. Which means that the local population should have no right to say what is right or wrong for the students. .
             Ruth benedict's writings put forth the term "idea practice patterns" where the way a particular society behaves determines what is normal and abnormal.

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