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            Having your eyesight is by far more liked by me than being deaf. Deafness is not noticeable to the public you are surrounded by, blindness is. Deafness has cures, blindness does not. Deafness has advantages, blindness does not.
             Deafness cannot be noticed by the people you are surrounded by. You can walk down the street and feel like a normal person. If you were blind, you would need to be guided, either by a walking stick, guide dog, or another person, and although you could not see the reaction on the peoples faces around you, you will always know some inhumane cruel person is laughing or making fun of you. Most people would agree that a small tube sticking out of your ear is far more attractive than the shiny and glassy eyes blind people end up with.
             Deafness has a cure. It can be cured with a hearing aid. If you were blind, you will be like that for the rest of your life. Deafness with a hearing aid can be good. .
             Hearing aides can be turned on and off by the wearer. What a great advantage over normal people. I mean, sure, you would have a small tube stuck in your ear permanently, but there are so many advantages. You can turn it off when you are going to bed. Turn it off during class and not do any more work, by saying your hearing aide has broken down. You can even adjust the volume of sound around you; for instance, if you are at a party and you find the music too loud, just turn the sound down. No more headaches for the deaf.
             As you can see (or maybe you can not), being deaf is far better than being blind. Deaf people would therefore have a better quality of life.

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