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Summary of WWII in Vietnam

            China is controlling most of the four countries and Americans lost some of these lands. Sent Gordon, an American businessman, owner of Cal Texaco, into VN to find out what's going with the Japanese at the time residing in VN. The only help Gordon had is from the Vietming, future communist, run by HCM. Americans loved them because they"re anti-French, anti-Japanese, and the only VN forces that has weapons & rebel against the Japanese. The OSS office in China has record of Ho Chi Minh. HCM returns to China from Russia and collaborate with the Chinese communists (aside: he asked Woodrow Wilson to drive out the French). Chinese arrested him. But they needed someone to go to Indonesia as an intelligent agent. So Chinese also at that time is helping the Americans to fight Japanese. This is how HCM comes into contact with Gordon Gordon/American. Later becomes an American intelligent also. HCM asked Americans to give him weapons to fight against Fremch. So Americans did and trained them. So now he knows the American warfare tactics, etc. HCM is multilingual (Chinese, French fluently, English). In 1945, when Japanese is defeated in VN, Japanese is actually creating a vacuum for power. 3 masters (Vietnam, French, Japanese) in Vietnam at the time with Japanese the highest. Vietming jumped up and declared independence. HCM jumped to the top and seized power when Japanese was defeated on Sept. 2nd, he used the 1st line in American Dec. of Independence "In the truth all men are created equal- Even American attended the ceremony. This is the turning point, FDR died in April, WWII not ends until August. FDR said maybe he should help the French. FDR disclosed casually at dinner to Stalin. 2 weeks later HCM leaked out info the French will fight Japanese. The Japanese bombed throughout VN and killed thousands of French. So FDR relented and changed his mind and wanted to help the French. When 1945, French surrendered.

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