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Devil In a Blue Dress...The Summary

            Devil in a blue Dress is the story of an African American retired war vet named Easy Rollins and his search for a woman. The book starts out with Rollins looking for work. His friend Joppy refers him to Albright, a mysterious individual looking for someone who to make a quick buck. Albright offers 100 dollars to Rollins to look for a woman named Daphne. Rollins accepted the job after thinking about his mortgage and other assorted bills and needs. He started his search at a local underground jazz club, where he had plenty of old friends and associates. He asked around and took notice at how everyone seemed uneasy whenever he would bring up Daphne's name. He met with old friends Correta and Dupri James, who seemed to know a little about Daphne. After Dupri passed out from partying, Corretta told Easy she would give him all the information he needed, in exchange for sex and later on 10 dollars. After fulfilling her needs, Easy took her information and left. The next day Easy was arrested because Correta was killed and he was the last person she was seen with. After the police performed the usual investigating, Easy was finally released from the precinct. When Easy realized he had to find Daphne and the reason why Corretta was killed, he finally received a call from Daphne herself. She told him to come to the Ambassador Hotel so they could talk about a number of things, mostly why she's being traced and why Corretta was killed. Easy met with her and told her he would like to take her to see Mr. Dewitt Albright. Daphne agreed to come along, but she stated that she first wanted to go visit a man named Richard. When they arrived at Richards place they discovered that he had been murdered and his house was broken into shreds. Daphne, shocked by Richards death, ran off and left Easy right their at Richards house. When Easy returned from Richards's house to his own, he found out that his house was broken into by Albright and his henchmen.

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