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            About eight months ago in May, I took my drivers test in Tecumseh. That day, around noon my dad came home and told me to come with him to Tecumseh so we could pick up his new car and take my drivers test. When I got to the courthouse, the officer took one look at me, looked at my learners permit and told me I didn't have my glasses on. Well, of course I didn't have my glasses on, I hardly wear them. She said I need glasses to drive, since I had them for my learners permit. Mad at me for nothing I could help, she shoved the test at me, gave me a crappy pencil with no eraser, and told me to take the test. I passed. Then, I had to tell her what side my car was on and what color it was. I realized I told her the wrong side, so I went back in. I knew what she was thinking, this girl can't even get her directions straight, how can she drive? Well I didn't care what she thought, because I was done with her. At least I thought until I saw her walking towards my car. She got into my car; I did all the standard procedures, and drove off. She told me to make a roadside stop, the only problem was, I couldn't figure out how to turn my hazard lights on, and my emergency brake wouldn't work. Next, I drove on the main street, drove around town, then came back to the courthouse. When I parked she showed me my score, I failed. She told me I turned into the second lane when driving on the four lane main street. I thought it was a two-lane street because there were cars parked on the sides. I told her I wouldn't have turned into the second lane if the people wouldn't park on the right sides of the four lane street. We ended up getting the new car and I got to drive the old one home by myself. My next drivers test I passed with 0 points off, with the same officer.

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