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            I really shouldn't talk about this, but then I realize I'm an Aries and I thrive on the adrenaline I get from doing things I shouldn't. .
             They say that if you search hard enough for something it will find you. In the Spring of 1995, I met this really wierd woman at a coffeehouse that I hang out at. Now, keep in mind that if I call someone wierd, that's saying something. Well, she asked me if I was a vampire. I said no, and that the fangs were just caps I had made. She dropped the subject. A few months later, in mid-September, 1995, I brought her to my college to see the world wide web. At dinner in the school's cafeteria, she mentioned to a friend of mine that she was an immortal vampire. I rolled my eyes. She didn't offer proof, but instead offered to change my friend. Well, to make a long story short, he called me a few days later and showed me the changes. Now, I'd been practiced different forms of magick for almost 6 years at the time, and I'd never seen such a major change in a person's aura and abilities so fast. He simply wasn't himself. He felt more complete, more powerful, and his psychic shielding was incredible. .
             He gave me what details he could, but it wasn't enough. I went to this woman's house and got the rest of the details from her. She described a ritual to me. The would-be vampire would spiritually marry her (read: psychic bonding), die, and be reborn. I have been asked to keep the precise method of death secret, but I can say that no normal human can either kill or die literally from this action. That was plainly obvious. After the rebirth, she injects the fledgling with a purified form of her blood, which she likened to embalming. I figured there was no harm in trying the ritual, and if nothing happened, I could make an excuse not to take the injection. (The reason for the injection was the same as drinking the blood of a vampire, but more reliable.) So, on September 24, 1995, I went through with the ritual.

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