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Jim Burden Essay (My Antonia)

            Does where we are raised effect how we will mature into an adult? Some people would agree to that while others will not. Is it what our parents teach us that makes us into who we are. No one will ever know the true answer. Jim Burden will probably grow up to be a intelligent and friendly man.
             When Jim grows up, he will be a good-natured man. One can speculate this from early sections of this novel. Jim's guardian is his Grandparents so of course he looks up to them. He sees how his Grandfather does everything he could do to help the Shirmedas. For example when the Shirmedas were in a mini feud against the Burdens, Grandfather still went over to their house and helped Mrs. Shirmeda with her horse that had gas problems. Grandfather also helps the Shirmedas when they do not have money to pay for the cow, he says they are even on it, although Mrs. Shirmeda should still owed him $15.00. .
             Helping people is something that seems to come naturally to Jim. He helps Antonia more then anyone. Antonia's parents told her to teach Antonia English, and he does without thinking otherwise. Another example is when Jim is out digging holes in the ground with Antonia trying to find which way the dog's holes go. When they were doing that, a big rattle snake came out and Jim killed it without thinking twice.
             Jim will be an independent adult. He will be because ever since he was young he was an orphan, and because of this, he will be more independent then if he had his parents. An other example of why Jim will most likely be a very reliable adult is that he does not have a great deal of work, but he does do some work around the house. He has to go to the post office on his horse or run other errands. He does these well and it shows how he is independent. .
             Although many different things can happen throughout Jim's life to mold who he will be in the future, the little of his life that was read about leads one in the direction that he will be a good-natured man.

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