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Bravary and Courage, Do they really Mean the Same Thing?

            When you ask most people what traits they look for in a hero courage and bravery both seem to come to mind. "Those who do not know fear are not really brave, for courage is the capacity to confront what can be imagined." Although most people think that bravery and courage are synonymous they are very different; this is true in both doctors and the firefighters who tried to save my sisters life.
             Although, when we say a person knows no fear most people think brave, I believe this perception is wrong. Bravery is a far more admirable characteristic than to be reduced to having no fear. Courage is knowing it can be done and with the risks taking the chance. Bravery is not always being fearless, but sometimes facing those fears for the sake of the people around you. . Sometimes there are consequences, but how can you be truly brave if you fear those consequences. Bravery can be achieved but not by pulling senseless stunts but only by being true. Knowing fear and overcoming it rather than having nothing to conquer is what I believe is brave. Obstacles being triumphed over aren't a part of everyone's day to day job, but firefighters face challenges every day. .
             Bravery can be truly found in the firefighters who attempted to save my sister's life. Everyday firefighters are brought out to save people, whether it is from burning buildings or from a car wreck. Although, my sister didn't make it there were firefighters there who attempted to save her. You could see the apprehension in there eyes as my sisters skin grew cold. They are a few of the people who can overcome that fear and complete their jobs. The amount of self control and bravery it takes to be a hero is extremely evident in firefighters.
             Doctors show bravery every day, this is apparent especially when they save lives. To know that everyday someone is relying on you to help them, and in some cases make the choice that could save their life takes a lot of audacity.

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