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Tom and Laura

            In this paper I would like to compare the lives of two fairly young adults, Tom and Laura Wingfield. Being brother and sister, living in the dream world of their mother, they both hide from what reality has to offer. Their Mother, Amanda Wingfield, loved her children dearly. Maybe too dearly, she loved her children in such a way she lived the life she wanted as a child through them. .
             First off, Tom, The man of the household, is a determined young man. He has decided against everyone else in his family's wishes that he wants to leave the dismal life of a factory job, to pursue a chance in the Merchant Marines. He realizes that he would be running off like his father and this is probably the only thing that kept him from leaving this long. Amanda, deep down knows the day is coming that Tom will leave. She says "But not till there's someone to take your place." She wants Laura, not herself to be taken care of. At that moment in the play Tom is the breadwinner in the family and up to this point Tom is the underprivileged child that wants to move on. He wants to pursue his dream, a more adventurous life. .
             Tom was a likable character until we find out he didn't pay the electric bill with the intended money. When Jim is over and he says "I paid my dues this month, instead of the light bill" (The Glass Menagerie p1837). Where Tom is headed he doesn't know, this I find to be the point when Tom realizes his decision to go out and adventure, that he may, in a small sliver see reality. If Jim sees any reality at all. .
             For Laura, one of her major escapes into the fantasy world is through her glass collection. Laura finds a hide away in her glass pieces, she spends a good amount of time with them. At one point in the play, Laura and Jim, the gentlemen caller, are sitting together talking about their past, and most importantly. The glass piece that was Laura's favorite piece, the unicorn. She says to Jim ".

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