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Varadero Beach

             The Varadero beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Thousands of tourists from all around the world visit this beach each year. The beach, accommodation, and entertainment will be the focus of attention.
             There is no doubt that Varadero beach is a beautiful beach located on the Norwest coast 87 miles of Havana and its international airport. It measures 13 ½ miles long by a maximum of half a mile in width and is almost perfectly flat. There are 6 ½ miles of continuos fine, near- white sand with slight variations in width and obvious differences in the clear water. The Varadero beach has the clearest water all over the world. The water is light blue color, as beautiful as the sky. The beach water goes from less to the deep, so children can play safely. When I was on Varadero Beach I was able to let my daughter playing on the sand without supervision due to the beach safely. The sand is soft and as light as the sun when is shinning. When I visited Varadero beach three years ago, I felt as in a paradise, everything looks perfect. The sun, sea and sand give you the perfect combination for having a wonderful and unforgettable vacation. I can not describe with words how beautiful Varadero beach is. The sky are perfect blue, the sea have clear water that reflect the sky's color perfectly. The sunshine is more beautiful on Varadero beach than anywhere in Cuba. The beach is beautiful, but the accommodations are five stars.
             Hence, accommodations are five star. The hotels have a great comfort that meets all necessity. When you are in these hotels you feel like in your house. The rooms are well equipped, and the service is the best. The hotel in Varadero Beach offers all kinds of services including daycare. They have their beauty salon for women and men, all kind of games for children, and for parents, too. All hotels located on Varadero Beach are new or renovated; perfect painted of beautiful colors.

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