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The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

            A novel based on the correspondence between an uncle and his nephew about the manner in which an apprentice devil should push his client fairly new believer. Uncle Screwtape's advice tends to be focused on a mental attack of theclient?. He repeatedly encourages Wormwood to have his client critically evaluate himself as well as those individuals that surround him. His hope is to internalize a lot of negativity that will lead him to choose a path of destruction. Wormwood has a great deal of respect for Screwtape as he gives repeated reports of his progress and continuously seeks clarity and affirmation from Screwtape. This novel is not only an entertaining easy read, but also a method to give Christian's perspective on religion and spirituality. At the end of this novel, Wormwood has to accept defeat as his client continues to be a Christian and live a virtuous life. Screwtape is very disappointed, but continues to adore his nephew and decides to have him shadow his technique. C.S. Lewis was very clever in his attempt to warn Christians of some of the dangers/risks that they may encounter in their walk of faith. Screwtape Letters not illustrates Lewis? knowledge of the bible, but also addresses pertinent world issues. I really enjoyed reading this novel. .
             Screwtape addresses many different themes in his correspondence with Wormwood. One of the first issues that was addressed is that of misconceptions of Christianity. The client has recently become a member of the kingdom of God, and is unaware of exactly what to expect. His only original guidance is based on stereotypes of what he has heard religion is supposed to look like. He has expectations of how people are supposed to talk, what his actions are supposed to be, and even of how the enemy will attack. Screwtape's advice to Wormwood is based on pointing out images that go against the client's expectation. This is successful in causing confusion in the client, but it is not strong enough to make him throw in the towel.

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