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Effects of a Tragedy

             Pat Frank's Alas Babylon published in 1959 is a priceless example of a small community who, using their knowledge and ability to function as a whole, rebuild a new, self-sufficient population from the previously annihilated community. In this novel Frank shows the ability one person can exercise when Randy Bragg steps up and becomes the leader of his community, taking care of all that is needed. Frank also stresses how if a community puts its mind to it they will survive with the bare necessities. .
             Pat Frank was born on May 5, 1907, in Chicago Illinois. He had two siblings, a brother named Perry and a sister who was adopted, named Anina. After graduating from high school Frank attended the University of Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida Frank had many jobs before he decided to become a writer. Some of these jobs included: a reporter for the New York Journal, a reporter for the Washington Herald; he was chief of the overseas news agency bureau; he was assistant chief of mission for the Office of War information; he was a correspondent for overseas News agency in Italy, Austria, Germany, Turkey, and Hungary; he was chief of staff emeritus for the Atlantic beach Navy, he was a member of mission to Korea for United Nations, he was a member of the staff for the Democratic National Committee, and last he was a consultant to the National Aeronautics and Space council, and the department of defense. He received many awards from these jobs which include War department special commendation, distinguished service citation, Reserve Officers Association, and American Heritage Foundation Award. During having all of these jobs Frank successfully completed eight writings and also contributed to many magazines. Since his jobs mostly were in the area of military or press Frank was exposed to many things the public was not exposed to. This is shown in Alas Babylon which is a novel based around the fears of people, military, and media of that time.

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