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Color Reference to Daisy in Great Gatsby

            The Great Gatsby has many different color references throughout the book, which has many different symbolic meanings. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the colors to express the intangible and elusive idea in the novel. It is a very colorful book because it uses colors to cover so many different aspects of peoples" lives. Daisy Buchanan's character is represented, at first by the color white. The color of white usually reveals that the character is good and pure. This is not true in Daisy's case, but Gatsby always envision Daisy in white, because he sees her as good, pure and lovely. A quote from the book regarding her virginal beauty is that she "dressed in white and had a little white roadster." In Gatsby's eyes, Daisy can do no wrong. Nick realizes that Daisy really is not pure and she is corrupt and lies. Daisy is mostly about the money. Her name Daisy symbolizes the flower daisy, and the character Daisy is the white flower, with the golden center. We can see in the novel that Daisy's number one priority is money, because she could have married Jay Gatsby. She only starts to love Gatsby again, when he has money. She and Tom Buchanan were not madly in love. She just married him because she was more interested in his money and what his money could do for her. Nick says that Daisy is "high in a white palace the king's daughter, the golden girl." Also that "her voice is like money," "she carries a "little gold pencil" and she has "two rows of brass buttons on her dress." A trait that sometimes goes hand in hand with wealth in snobbery. Another color that symbolizes Daisy is green, because of the green light that came from the edge of her dock. Gatsby bought the house closest to Daisy so that he could watch her. Whenever he would look out of his house he would see the green light from the dock and it would bring back memories of their time together. The color green represents life, hope, and youth.

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