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Advertising and its impact on the developmen

            We are all living in the world of Mass Media. And today it is really hard to speak of Mass Media without mentioning advertising. Advertising influences all the spheres of life starting from food ending up with handkerchiefs. It is abso-lutely impossible to imagine today's world without adds popping up on TV, spreading up through the pages of endless newspapers.
             Advertising itself goes back to 15th or even 14th century when there ap-peared to be a lot of auctions connecting with the sell of slaves. Already during those centuries people needed smth that could provide them with the informa-tion about the news and events going on around. And namely advertising. The first examples of adds we may find in innumerable announcements of selling slaves.
             But the general amount of adds in the 15th century can be hardly com-pared with the amount of adds we are faced with today.
             Consumer culture brought up the all-penetrating need for advertising. If you want money - sell. If you want to sell - advertise. As simple as that. .
             Global tendencies in our world allow us to speak of the all-pervading power of advertising and publicity. But at the same time there arises a question whether it is good or bad to give advertising so much freedom. .
             First of all we are to say that if there were no advertising most TV- and radio stations would not exist, many newspapers, products and jobs would dis-appear. So we can draw a conclusion that advertising manifests itself as the phenomenon, we cannot do without. Of coarse it bears lots of demerits that strongly affect our life. Here we should mention the following points:.
             -advertising suggests that if we buy smth we will become richer though we will actually become poorer (by having spent our money!!!) .
             -the anxiety on which the whole publicity stuff is based makes people think that having nothing you will be nothing.
             -chasing the domineering positions in a country, commercial publicity compa-nies are now able to force/dictate the food to eat, the water to drink, the ciga-rettes to smoke, even the presidents to elect.

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