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            In a day and age where people of all ages are facing more stress than ever before, suicide has become a road often traveled. Suicide numbers are at an all time high which proves that more people than ever are making the decision to terminate their own lives. For the purposes of this essay suicide victims will be broken down into two general categories. Those suffering from a form of depression will be referred to as group A and those not suffering will be referred to as group B. Studies show that the causes for suicide in group A most commonly include depression, stress, loss of a loved one and self pity. Those in group B however commit suicide for a variety of other reasons. .
             When looking at various cases of suicide, you can get a deep look into the persons psyche. Some people commit suicide after such trivial problems as having a bad day, getting in a fight, losing small amounts of money or being insulted. The people who choose to commit suicide over such diminutive importance show a truly weakened mental state. No matter what the problem, there are many ways of rectifying a situation that do not include such barbaric measures as suicide. The fastest and most effective way to reduce a persons want to commit suicide is simply to show compassion and to provide both a shoulder to cry on and an alternate option. .
             Those are the facts, no where are our opinions. Mike and I, both being of different faiths, share common beliefs on the subject of suicide. We both agree that suicide is not only the wrong way out, but a selfish and spiteful act. Suicide obviously hurts the person committing it, but also hurts all people involved in an emotional way. Family members, friends and even sometimes mere acquaintances go through a great deal of heartache and emotional trauma following a suicide. Many people are left after a suicide questioning many things: faith, life, and many other things.

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