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Comparison of Dantes inferno and What dreams may come

            Dante's Inferno is a classic story and the movie What Dreams May Come is a movie that somewhat depicts the book. Dante's Inferno is one part of a trilogy of Dante's story telling how he was taken to heaven. He had to start in hell with his guide Virgil, after he meets Satan he goes to Mount Purgatory. The second book entitled Purgatorio and then he goes on to heaven in the third book called Paradiso. While you are watching the movie What Dreams May Come you can make many connections to the story. For example when Christopher (Robin Williams) dies and goes to heaven he meets his son who died a few years before. He does not know that it is his son yet because in heaven you can be whatever you want to be and he takes form of the doctor that Christopher interned for to get his doctorate. He is Christopher's guide through heaven, like Beatrice in Paradiso who shows him all around heaven. .
             Like the Inferno, What Dreams May Come portrays hell as a place not of fire but of solitude were all you can think about is what you did to get there. For example in Inferno, Archbishop Ruggieri has to feed Count Uglino for all eternity, who he starved to death in the tower of hunger. In the movie Christopher's wife who committed suicide sits in her house without anything that she loves and cannot remember any good times that she had. The two are also similar because in the section of the book that we read people .
             had their bodies frozen in a lake and there heads sticking out and the movie made the heads stick out but not in frozen water. I think that if a movie was made out of this book .
             it would be extremely good and I would love to see it. .

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