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Should America Allow Microchip Implants

            For many years our nation has been faced with National Security Issues. The political arena has struggled to establish high tech ways to ensure the safety of our nation. In the 1996 Congress passed a law to establish National ID Cards. These cards unlike the old cards would contain a magnetic strip that would contain information on an individual. Over half the population of America now holds a National ID Card known as the Drivers Licenses and Comparable Identification Document. One problem that has been faced with this ID card face is physical security . The cards can be counterfeited, damaged, misused along with other theft acts. Having implants would be beneficial to the American citizen so why not "get chipped". In 1998 the proposal of the microchip was introduced by Applied Digital Solutions. The implant would fully protect our security by identifying every individual residing in the U.S. It would be linked to central databases controlled by the government. The chip would be able to mark an individual s exact location. (www.cato.org) Although this chip is not available to the public, trials of the implants have been conducted since 1998. Film stars and children of millionaires are among others have been fitted with the Chip. The Jacob family from Florida has been looking forward to their turn to "get chipped". The family was inspired to have the procedure done after watching the feature story on "The Verichip" produced by Applied Digital Solutions shown on the Morning news. The family called Applied Digital Solutions and discussed their interest in volunteering for the implant. It was not long before the family became know as the chip family. (www.usatoday.com) In 2002 eight people were injected with silicon chips about the size of a grain of rice. Unlike the microchip this chip is implanted in the upper back. The chip conducts the same process as the microchip but in a much smaller capacity.

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