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The Two Great Floods

            Before science or rational thought, primitive peoples used stories and myths to .
             provide an explanation to everyday occurrences that they could not comprehend. This would then .
             filter into every story or thought from that time. This precept holds true for The Epic of Gilgamesh .
             and The Old Testament. The occurrence being referred to is the version of the great flood referred to .
             in each tale. Each has its own grouping of similarities and differences that presents it as a common .
             history in uncommon narratives. .
             Although told in two different narratives the flood has similar qualities in each. This is, as .
             stated, in part thanks to the necessity for human beings to understand the world that surrounds them. .
             This inquisitive nature causes many stories to be repeated through time. Often reproduced to fit a .
             certain generalized topic, such as The Bible.
             Each text contains a set of similar qualities that lead to each flood. Mainly the gods, or God .
             was unhappy with the actions of the people they had created or reigned over. This lead them to .
             destroy their creations in order to attain an ideal they could not see in the situation at the time. Also, .
             in each account a single man was warned of the coming flood in order to prepare for it and continue .
             the existence of the human race. .
             Although each account had a few similarities there are many differences. Such as the reasons .
             for each of the floods. The specific events leading up to each were vastly different. The reaction of .
             the people warned and those who experienced it were different in each account. Finally the specifics .
             of each similarity was different. The length of time the flood lasted was the largest discrepancy of .
             Page 2.
             In the case of The Old Testament God, Yahweh, was unhappy with the way people began .
             acting. He was upset about their inclination towards evil. He was saddened watching them sink .
             deeper and deeper into depravity and self indulgence.

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