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Neils Bohr Biography

             Neils Henrik David Bohr was a Danish Physicist that was born on October 7, 1885 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He traveled many places, and did many things with his life. His family was especially talented. His father, Christian, was professor of physiology at the University of Copenhagen. His mother, Ellen, came from a wealthy Jewish family skilled in banking. His younger brother, Harald, became a great mathematician. As a child, Bohr's abilities and interests in science were very noticeable. When he had grown up, he went to the University of Copenhagen, where his father taught. In 1911, he received his doctorate.
             Bohr then went to England, continuing work with J.J. Thompson in Cambridge. Thompson never showed interest in Bohr's ideas of electrons in metals. However he did have past experience on the subject. Bohr then moved to Manchester in March 1912, joining Professor Earnest Rutherford's group studying the structure of the atom. There he discovered many things and became interested in atomic numbers. Rutherford's nuclear atom was unstable, but Bohr tried to fix this by using ideas from the Quantum Theory, which was currently being developed by Albert Einstein and other physicists.
             As a result of Bohr's attempt to stabilize the atom, he found many new things he hadn't known before about the atom. He found that the atom would only emit radiation while in between one of its states, not in its stable states. Other physicists found this hard to believe. Bohr returned to Copenhagen during the summer of 1912 and married Margethe Norlund. Through this marriage, they had six children, all boys. Two of the six died at a young age. They others grew up to have great success like their father. Bohr continued to develop his new approach to the physics of the atom. His work was completed in 1913, and first published in England. Then in 1916, after serving as a lecturer, Bohr was appointed as a professor at the University of Copenhagen.

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