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Critique of the Film Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

            The film was very educational especially since I knew very little about Muhammad or the religion Islam at the start of it. In addition to being educational it was also very interesting. I expected it to be boring and dull but I was pleasantly surprised. I learned what a kind, compassionate, honest and wonderful person Muhammad was. The movie Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet not only gave a detailed description of Muhammad's life and how he shaped the religion of Islam, it also gave us insight on how Muslim American's live today. I thought they would be completely different than I am but we are very much the same. Muslim's actually probably go through harder times because of their religion especially after September 11th. People who follow Islam and study Muhammad's life also gave information into what he did for Islam and some misconceptions about Islam in modern times.
             Even though Muhammad lost his parents at a very young age and had to rely on his grandfather and uncle to raise him, he still became a well-liked and exceptional man. As a young boy Muhammad traveled out of town sometimes to make money, some older merchants remember him and the nickname they gave him: El-Amin, meaning the one you can trust. When Khadija entrusted him to sell her goods he brought back her profit, she was very impressed with his honesty and character. When he started telling his followers the messages he was receiving he also told them that he was just a regular man, not like Jesus and they should not worship Muhammad. He was trustworthy, humble, honest, and a good person.
             The film talked not only about Muhammad but also about America's seven million modern-day Muslims. We got to see inside their personal lives, like their homes a young lady deciding whether or not to wear a hijab, prayer habits we followed a man to his mosque, and how their religion affects their work ethic one man's battle with being a New York City firefighter and also being Muslim.

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