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Latin American Philosophy

            #1: Why is it said that diversity rather than uniformity characterizes Latin Americans?.
             The statement, "diversity rather than uniformity characterizes Latin Americans- is accurate because although there is some sense of commonality among them, whether it be because of their history or religion as Mariátegui suggests, there are still so many varying aspects of Latin Americans to be seen even today. While a portion of the Latin American population consists of Spanish-speaking people of Iberian descent, more than five other different nationalities (including European ones) are also represented in this demographic. We can easily see that the diversity is celebrated throughout Latin America through different types of music, food and dialects. We, in turn, forget that these people sometimes find unity in their experience and possession of the same historical background, and we then call them diverse.
             #2: Some defining elements in the historical constitution of North American identity have differed greatly from those of Latin American identity. Compare two of these.
             There are many events and circumstances regarding the historical constitution of North American and Latin American identities which differed drastically based on each of the given situations. We can look back in history and ascertain that intermarriage between the British and the Native Americans was not a popular trend during the colonial conquest and that, in turn, halted any sort of new ethnic group from emerging in the New World until later on in time, leaving a majority of white inhabitants. On the other hand, during the wars of independence in Latin America, it was very common for Iberians to intermarry with native peoples, some including Indians and Africans. Out of this occurrence came an array of mestizo social groups defined by countries of origin and dialectical properties of that specific group. .

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