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Critical Review

             This review is very positive, and Roger Ebert strongly states that in her review. In this review, there is a line that states "Just because you have to see someone doesn't mean you have a lot to gab about." This sentence of the review tells you a lot about Alvin, and his character, even though Alvin's name is located nowhere in the paragraph. It shows that, even after not talking to his brother in ten years over a drunken-fight, he is willing to "forgive and forget". Another sentence in this review states "He is not a sophisticated man, but when he speaks, the words come out like the brick of a wall built to last." Alvin is a sophisticated man, just not at first glance. No, he may not have a beautiful house and wonderful perfect life, but he has wisdom, which makes him more sophisticated than any other millionaire on the block. In my eyes, this was a good review, and with only minor adjustments, would be a review that I may have written myself.
             James Berardinelli.
             This review as written is a positive review to the director, David Lynch, and to the cast as well. In this review was written "Every shot is perfectly framed; every sequence is carefully composed and edited for maximum effect." Reading this, you automatically know that the visual presentation of the film is spectacular, making you want to look at this movie for visual presentation, and not the actual acting. In this review, there is another line stating "Those who don't know anything about The Straight Story should be prepared for two shocks. First, it's "G" rated. Second, it's being distributed by Walt Disney Pictures." This has nothing to do with the performance of the film, and a "G" rated movie doesn't necessarily have to be a kiddy-movie. I do not believe this was a good review, because it focused too much on the work behind the movie, and the Director's past than it focused on the presentation of the movie. .
             Joe Morgenstren.

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