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Nietzche's View of Morality

            Supporting Nietzche's Views of Morality.
             "Morality is merely an interpretation of certain phenomena, more precisely a misinterpretation." (33,1) Friedrich Nietzche's Twilight of the Idols is a "radical" perspective that evaluates the European conception of morality. His affirmation of the "will to life" and natural instincts directly contradicts the accepted beliefs of what man has created to be right or wrong ( the idols) by the open denial of what comes easy and natural. On many accounts this line of thinking proves logical and an in-depth look reveals the truths about the way man should reconsider today's accepted definition of morality.
             A good question asks: why would morality, or simply restraints on desired actions, naturally evolve if it is inhibiting what is natural? Nietzche answers this by saying that man searches to give nearly everything responsibility or a name for motivation. "Where ever responsibilities are sought, it is usually the instinct for wanting to punish and judge that is doing the searching." (31,7) Evolutionary psychology supports man's evolved desire to judge in order to compare one's own actions in order to maximize fitness benefits.(EP) This is likely the logical reasoning by which a concept of .
             morality began before it led to irrational complexities known as religion.
             According to Nietzsche, man needs to put himself above what we consider good and evil, and must disregard the falsity of moral judgment. "There are no moral facts at all" (33,1), but instead there are only moral interpretations of the facts. This means that the way morality is enforced is actually the opposite and immoral. Morality attempts to "improve" human beings by creating that sense of good and evil which only puts shackles on man's true desires and natural instincts. The suppression of instincts causes an unhealthy inner conflict within a person and is ultimately immoral in foundation through logic.

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