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Love Doesn't Cost a Thing

            Should Jude Deveraux be considered one of America's best authors? If you were to answer this question after reading The Blessing by Jude Deveraux, the answer would be yes. Deveraux creates a very amusing story with her realistic characters, corkscrew-like plot, and outstanding setting.
             Deveraux creates a very amusing story with her realistic characters. In this story there are two main characters, Jason, a man who happens to be a millionaire, and Amy, who is the widow of the town drunk. David is a minor character, he is the town doctor and most wanted bachelor. If Amy wasn't in the story, there would be no drama. Jason is a typical rich man, he thinks his money can buy everything; including love and true happiness. David on the other hand, thinks he is in love with Amy before even truly getting to know her. Without these clever characters the story would be very dull.
             The best part of the book would have to be the corkscrew-like plot. The plot opens up with David, the town doctor and his older brother Jason, a millionaire, drinking coffee. David wants Jason to live with the woman, Amy, he has fallen in love with. After a lot of fighting and arguing, Jason finally agrees to David's" request. Little did either of them know that this would soon turn into a love triangle between the three; Amy, Jason, and David. A major factor to the story is what David told Amy about Jason before he moved in. David told her that Jason needed a place to stay for a while because his boyfriend and him had just broken up and he didn't have any place to stay. He also told her that they were cousins and Jason couldn't live with them because his father didn't like Gays. At the beginning this didn't seem to bother Amy until she started developing feeling for Jason. Jason in return started to fall for her too. Jason didn't understand why she didn't reply on his attempts to let her know that he liked her. Since Amy thought that Jason was gay she decided to go to the town ball with David.

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