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Watergate Scandal

            Many people understand the break into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters at the Watergate Office building in Washington D.C. on June 17th to simply be a burglary. Many facts have been uncovered to lead us to believe the burglary is a huge scandal that may lead all the way to President Nixon. There are two co-plotters who organized the break-in. E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy helped plan the Watergate scandal. Hunt is formerly from the CIA and Liddy is formerly from the FBI. Hunt organized the bugging of the Democratic Headquarters. He also organized the break-in to Ellsberg's psychiatrist. Hunt's telephone number was found in the Watergate's burglars" address books. Liddy helped organize the break-in and was a main source for all the information on the scandal that has helped uncover so much. Donald Segretti, a former military prosecutor and civil lawyer, ran a campaign of political sabotage against the Democrats for Nixon's re-election efforts. Segreth recruited the people for the Committee to re-elect the President. Nixon's former law partner John Mitchell, was the attorney general before resigning in 1972 to head the Committee for the re-election of the President. Mitchell funded all the money used for illegal purposes. Charles Colson was part of the special counsel of the Nixon administration. Colson tried to help cover up the scandal. Archibald Cox was named the first special prosecutor in the Watergate investigation. Cox provided the evidence of the tapes recording White House conversations. .
             There is one important question that should still be answered: How could President Nixon be totally unaware of everything that went on in the Watergate scandal when so many of his close colleagues were involved?.

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