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The romantic period

             Famous Poets of The Romantic Period.
             British poet, credited with ushering in the English Romantic Movement.
             b. Wrote "Vaudracour and Julia- and "Lyrical Ballads- with .
             Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
             2. Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
             a. English lyrical poet, critic, and philosopher.
             b. Wrote "Poems on Various Subjects- and "Lyrical Ballads- with Wordsworth.
             3. Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel, 6th Baron Byron).
             a. English poet, who was one of the most important and versatile writers of the Romantic Movement.
             b. Wrote "Hours of Idleness- and "Hebrew Melodies-.
             4. Percy Shelly.
             a. English Romantic poet who rebelled against English politics and conservative values.
             b. Wrote "The Assassins- and "To a Skylark-.
             5. John Keats.
             a. One of England's greatest poets, Keats was a key element in the Romantic Movement. Known especially for his love of the country and sensuous descriptions of the beauty of nature, his poetry also resonated with deep philosophic questions.
             b. Wrote "To My Brother George- and "Sleep and Poetry-.
             6. William Blake.
             a. English poet, painter, and engraver, who created a unique form of illustrated verse; his poetry, inspired by mystical vision, is among the most original, lyric, and prophetic in the language.
             b. Wrote "The Mental Traveller- and "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell-.
             B. Famous Women Poets.
             1. Anne Barbauld.
             a. She was an accomplished poet, opinionated essayist, literary critic, and author of endearing stories and verse for children.
             b. Wrote "Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose- and "Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose-.
             2. Charlotte Smith.
             a. She heightened the emotional and aesthetic register of her works, thus bringing them in line with "and/or helping to create, actually "the emerging intellectual and cultural currents of Romanticism.
             b. Wrote "Emmeline: The Orphan of the Castle- "Ethelinde, the Recluse of the Lake- and "Celestina, A Novel-.
             3. Mary Robinson.
             a. Actress, Poet, Pamphleteer, Playwright, Novelist, Autobiographer, Editor, Feminist, Journalist, Polemicist, Translator.

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