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Contrast of Realism in More and Dante

             Writers of modern world use many different ways to support their arguments and attract readers to their own side. Many of those ways were used in the middle age of Europe, especially creating a tension between real world and the imaginary worlds of writers themselves. Two of those writers of pre-enlightenment age; Dante Alighieri and Thomas More, were using an image of "world" in their work for supporting almost same argument of an ideal community in different manners, therefore in different ways. Dante uses the reflection of his image of "Inferno" of his Christianity, to prove the dictations of the Church using religious and substantial reality effects that can divert ordinary people to the way of Church. On the other hand, More uses the contrast of his real country and an imaginary country to claim the pattern of an ideal community using geographical, political and social issues. .
             In the work of Dante's Inferno, it has to be extremely considered that this is a text of 14th Christianity and the readers are conducted to be an alien to all thoughts, ideas and also religions, whether divine or not, other than Christianity. As a strong defender of these ideas, Dante creates Inferno where is filled with the sinners according to Church. Dante uses many ways to provide a reality effect on the readers but two of them are widely used throughout his work. First of these is religious effect on the readers by establishing connection between two leaders of schism, Hz. Muhammed and Fra Dolcino. Second is the substantial part of reality effect which can be provided by existence of Fra Dolcino in the same time interval of Dante.
             Throughout Inferno, there is a quotation of Hz. Muhammed, who is being punished in very deep of hell, in Canto XXVIII. In this quotation, Hz. Muhammed somebody called Fra Dolcino who a preacher, and also sentenced to the death, who leads a nomadic community who shares everything, even their woman, on the other hand the sharing is a major discipline of Islam.

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