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10 steps to better logo design

             There are many different steps in designing a logo; more than one would think. It is impossible to sit down at a computer and in ten minutes come up with a good logo that a customer would want to use. Many things need to be considered and this article explains them. .
             The first step to designing a better logo is to know your customer and your customer's customer. This means finding out who their target market is in order to be effective. Also it is good to try to incorporate unique things about the company in the logo. .
             The next step is pushing your own boundaries and realizing that no idea is too stupid. Sometimes the more radical the idea is the more unique the logo will be. It is good to brainstorm and come up with words that describe the company. Or use mind mapping to give you a visual of your ideas.
             Should the logo stand out from the crowd? I think it should because it will give the company a better identity. In creating a standout logo, it is good to look at logos of the competition. A few good places to do this are in the yellow pages, industry magazines, and on the Internet. .
             The best place to start making the logo isn't on the computer but by making sketches on paper. Even if you can't draw, a sketch will give you a good sense of how you want to lay out the logo. Thumbnail sketches are useful because you can make several similar, but different, images of the same logo. This allows you to consider many different options in designing the logo and lets you choose the best one. .
             How will the logo be presented to the customer's customer, print? Web? Both? This is critical in the color scheme of the logo because if there are too many colors or complex color overlapping, it will be very expensive for the customer to print. Also, if they have a website they"ll be using it on, the logo's colors may not show up very well or in an attractive way. .
             Start designing the logo in black and white before ever considering color.

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