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Are People Empowered by Machines and Mass Production?

            Are people empowered by machines and mass production? What paradoxes .
             limit the possibilities invested in mechanization? As I go on I will discuss the .
             answers to these questions and how the image making technologies of .
             photography and chromolithography were invested.
             From my perspective I feel that people are empowered by machines and mass .
             production. Mechanization combined with science and the division of .
             labor gave rise to new ways of seeing and visually communicating on a mass .
             scale during the nineteeth century. For example when photography was invented in .
             the nineteenth century, "it gave the common person unprecedented power to a .
             visual communications system, similar to changes wrought by the printing press's .
             development in the fifteenth century." What I am trying to say is that, many people .
             in today's society mainly depend on technology. With out it, many would feel lost. .
             The fact that people depend on technology so much is that what if we never had it, .
             then what would we do and how would we correspond with our daily lives.
             Photography is one of the visual communication systems that is very popular .
             till this day. Photography is still being advanced every year. Photography gave .
             people a sense of reality but in a portrait of someone else or either themselves. .
             Photography wouldn't be here if it wasn't thanks to Enlightenment's embrace of .
             science. .
             Chromolithography was another way to stimulate reality and distribute it to .
             several people. It was a mechanically reproduced image in color. As for .
             Photography the image was in balck and white. Chromolithographs were colorful .
             images that could be a part of everyday people and not just the wealthy.
             Finally, because of the new advanced technologies that have been created, .
             many people I feel are being empowered by machines and mass production. In .
             today's society people look at the finer things in life, they see how the wealthy live .

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