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Proposal on Vacationing to China

            China, a marvelous and distinct location for which is my choice to visit upon this vacation. Out of my three countries that I've research on, the ancient artifacts and the vast glorified cultures of the Chinese people interest me most. The highland, steep hills, the open market, and the large varieties of food were what made my decision simple and quick. .
             Over 9 million square kilometer in land, it is impossible to catch a view of everything in China. Being the largest populated country in the world, I would never be afraid of being lonely here. Their ancient artifacts is magnificent, especially the Great Wall of China, it have been standing for more the 430 years. When visiting there, many new images will catch the eyes, such as the towers, the houses, especially the things they use for transportation. While passing through the open market in China, it will be difficult not to take a glimpse at the large varieties of entrees and dishes the Chinese serve. In China, foods are not only served in restaurant, they are served everywhere, most of them are serve during the night time on the street. Plus I would love to take a interest in fighting birds like a lot of Chinese people. A majority of them train and fight their birds as a way of entertain.
             Also it will be a good decision to begin my vacation one week before the Chinese New Year. This is the best time during the year to take a real good look at China and their ancient culture. The most important holiday in an Asian society, where everyone gains a age, who else can question why Asians put so much effort into this holiday. The decorative dragon dances they do would be fun and educational to watch. The buildings and towers being decorated with special things to gain wealth and good luck to the place would be a good snap shot to take and remember. The Chinese New Year would be a exceptionally good time to take this vacation. .
             If I was able to visit China, I would definitely compare and contrast the way my family live their life in Vietnam to the way the citizen of China live their everyday life.

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