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Microsoft and the Fight for the Internet

            Most people thought of the Microsoft Corporation as a large monopoly when they released Windows 95, but matter of fact they were way behind the current technology, the Internet. Many other small companies made the Internet available to the public months before Microsoft made Windows 95 capable of connecting to the Internet. Microsoft's main problem was to get ahead in the game by getting Windows 95 into the Internet. Microsoft was not a monopoly because they weren't even ahead in the latest technology.
             In 1995 Microsoft unveiled its newest operating system, Windows 95. By then other companies like Netscape and Sun Microsystem already had a large jump into the Internet, setting up public users and getting contracts with large companies. According to San Jose Mercury News:.
             "The Internet was originally a federal government supported research network for scientists. It blossomed into much more when college students and graphics technology combined to extend the Internet's usability. Both successful and struggling companies see profit opportunities for Internet-based products, services and content. The Internet provides a new platform for computer technology that may threaten the current dominance of Intel and Microsoft." (Lee Gomes). .
             Shortly after the release of Windows 95 an upgrade package with the Internet Explorer and Java programming was released in order too keep Microsoft up-to-date in the rush for the Internet, but they were still behind. "Netscape Communications Corp. already has incorporated Java language in the latest version of its Internet browser known as the Netscape Navigator. The Netscape product is dominating the browser market, overwhelming Microsoft's own browser called Internet Explorer." (Dan Stets). As quoted, Microsoft fell behind in the race to control the Internet, as their main competition was Netscape.
             Microsoft knew that they had to catch up too and pass Netscape in order to continue to be the leader in the personal computer software industry.

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