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A History of Crayons

             Specific Purpose: To inform a college audience about crayons.
             Thesis statement: Crayons have a long history, are great for learning, and have many, many colors.
             I. Introduction.
             A. Attention-Getter: Did you know that Crayola crayons started with a box that .
             had only 8 colors? .
             1. Today, Crayola makes 120 different colored crayons.
             2. Crayons have had a long time to evolve, but do we ever really think about where they started from?.
             B. Establish Credibility: As a former child, I spent many hours using crayons while growing up, and I still use them today.
             C. Preview Points: The goal of this speech is to inform you of the history of crayons, specifically Crayola, tell you how crayons can be helpful in learning, and give you some interesting facts about the colors.
             II. Body.
             A. Crayola Crayon History.
             1. Binney & Smith started out as a company that, in the late 1800's, that made red-oxide pigments that were used to color barns.
             2. After experiencing success with making slate pencils, they moved on to their next invention, dustless chalk, which teachers across the nation love.
             3. In 1903 Binney & Smith researchers discovered that there was a need for high quality, affordable wax crayons in schools, so they added pigments to their industrial marking crayons.
             4. The new product became an overnight success with children and teachers.
             Transition: I"ve stated that a few of Binney & Smith's early products were popular with teachers, now, I"d like to tell you about how crayons can help children learn.
             B. Learning with Crayons.
             1. Art is a great way for children to learn, by drawing things they see and feel, they can be taught about their environment, and the things around them.

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