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the real sicence

            Nowadays, the fast advancement of science and technology and the enormous growth brought about unprecedented progress of human civilization and profound social change. Based on advanced technology and sustained innovation, high-tech industries made swift transformation of knowledge into products and became the most dynamic element of knowledge economy. But, the science and technology are an ever-growing complexity topic which people always can get confused by the relationship of them. The following essay will outline and discuss these two things in related to the industrial revolution, as well as talk about the institutionalization of R&D in the 19th century.
             The development of technology can be explained through ages. At the stone ages, when tools and weapons made by stone, technology has been used by mankind in their live actually. Iron age was a remarkable period of development technology when the working of iron came into general use, iron replaced bronze as the basic material for implements and weapons. The devising of steam engine was the greatest contribution for the human society as a result it led to the first industrial revolution, which helped people to break away from handicraft. Step into the 20th century, technology is rapidly changing our society. It is bringing services beyond out grandparent's wildest dreams. From telephones, electric lights to the televisions and computers, technology has always been a major means for creating new physical and human environments. Throughout the technology changing by the time, the standard of living is getting better and better, people use technology to improve their ability to do work, and allows them to make more and better products. In short, technology is people using knowledge, tools and systems to make their lives easier and better. .
             In contrast, the history of science is much later then the technology. Let take some examples to discuss the modern science.

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