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The importance of being on time

            In the beginning, before there were such things as clocks, prehistoric man looked for ways to keep track of time. As man evolved, the importance of keeping track of time became evident and soon, all civilizations developed ways of tracking it. As we look through history, the Native Americans needed to know when it was a good time to plant seeds to grow their crops. The Pagan religions of the world needed to know the time for celebrations to their gods and goddesses and the people of the Old Testament did the same thing. Because of the development of time, people of the world now have ways to issue freedoms as well as constraints. When we speak of time and the importance of time, the though of deadlines comes to mind. Being accountable for our time is very important. The civilizations that I had mentioned before realized time restrictions are important due to the repercussions suffered if not strictly adhered to. In this day and age, many people depend on others to be on time for a plethora of reasons. For example, what if one day you decided you want a cheeseburger and your favorite restaurant opens at 10:00 AM. What if it didn't open till 10:30 AM because the manager and crew decided they didn't wanna come in that early? Would you be upset? Absolutely! Many things could happen because of their failure to be on time, one thing could be as simple as they lost a customer for that day or even longer depending on how mad it made you, but even worse, you tell your friends about their inability to keep advertised times and word of mouth spreads. This leads to loss of customers and all around bad publicity for the business. Moving on to more life threatening situations. Firemen, Policemen, and Rescue teams need to know times and be able to respond in time to save lives. Patients who take medications are well aware of how important is to be on time with their dosages, if taken to soon or to late they could have extremely adverse reactions including death.

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