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             The passage Aung San Suu Kyi edited by Marjorie Agisin is a passage that shows that people should not be afraid from fear because fear leads to corruption and corruption leads to fear and lack of human rights.
             The purpose of this passage is to convince people that they should be free from fear. It is trying to convince people to be free from fear because the world is a society that is full of fear and fear is the root of corruption. Corruption represents a lack of human rights and also fear.
             The passage was written mainly for adults since it involves a lot of sophisticated vocabulary such as on page 80 in the end of the first paragraph where it says "But perhaps the worst of the four is blaya-gati, for not only does bhaya, fear, stifle and slowly destroy all sense of right and wrong, it is so often that lies at the root of the other three kinds of corruption." This one sentence that was written is very sophisticated for kids and some teenagers to understand there fore it is mainly written for adults. This sentence is considered sophisticated because of its length and the vocabulary that it uses. Another example is on page 81 on the paragraph that continues from page 80 is: "The people from Burma had worried of a precious state of passive apprehension where they were "as water in the cupped hands" of the powers that be." Which is another example of sophisticated language but however the length of this sentence is less and the language is not sophisticated therefore it is acceptable to say that some of the language is very sophisticated and some of it is not as sophisticated as the rest. The passage is very descriptive, reflective, philosophical, hopeful, encouraging and, motivating.
             The passage is full of human right abuses such as on page 83 where there is fear from many things such as torture and poverty. It is possible to compare the situation in Burma to the situation in Brazil to a certain extent.

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