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Hero or zero

             September 11, 2001 was a day that changed the world forever.
             United States was the victim of several horrendous terrorist attacks that killed .
             thousands of people and affected many financially, emotionally and mentally. The .
             affects will be long lasting. They have already changed our sense of freedom and .
             peace. Out of this horror, many significant heroes arose. Several men on Flight 93 .
             came to the forefront by risking their lives and the lives of all of the passengers in order .
             to abort the hijackers' mission to crash into the White House or another vital place .
             which would have killed possibly hundreds or thousands of innocent people. These .
             men were true heroes, and they should be honored in a special way.
             FBI reports claim, after analyzing the cockpit voice recorder, that passengers on .
             Flight 93 had launched a desperate fight against the terrorists. The report said that .
             several passengers told relatives that they planned to fight these terrorists because .
             they had heard of the crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Sounds of .
             fighting and shout in English plus Arabic were heard. Detectives believe that these .
             heroic passengers stormed into the cockpit to take on the hijackers. FBI director Robert .
             Mueller says, " We believe those passengers on this jet were absolute heroes, and .
             there actions during the flight were heroic." ("FBI tells of "heroes' on flight 93" pg1,2).
             In addition, a north Carolina Congressman feels these men should receive the nation's .
             highest civilian honor. Furthermore, Reprisenatiave Howard Coble says that these .
             heros should be given the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their heroic efforts that .
             prevented a greater loss of life.

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