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Modern vs. Comtemporary

             My work so far has proven to be excruciating and exceptionally long, I had no idea what I got myself into the day this project was assigned to me. I must of thought that it was another boring essay or presentation that would cost me a day of work. Well now that I am writing this personal statement I am happy to say that it was not. Anyway the good news about this project was that I could chose anything, any topic I desired that was pretty exiting, for once no specific information or directions no reading any books no relating to this, or relating to that, just my own personal project.
             As a computer graphic artist I chose to compare and contrast two totally different types of art in time and style. I chose as a modern masterpiece designed by the Blizzard industries a fictive character, an Elven Princess represented in a portrait. And as for the Contemporary masterpiece I chose an acclaimed artist by the name of Georges Seurat, the master of Pointillism, in my opinion his best painting by far was the "Seine sur Jatte" which I visited back in France.
             These completely different artworks were an inspiration to me, not many people look or take art seriously. For example, in the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras art played an important role. Such as: Rembrandt and his painting "The Night Watch" or Vincent Van Gogh's beautiful "The.
             As I progressed I learned many things about art that I myself did not know. For example the different steps through the creation of graphic art or the amounts of time and concentration one could put in a single painting. I learned all these things from my fellow "Computer freaks" on the internet, some worked for renowned companies such as Blizzard or Black isle industries some were more independent in their work.
             As I said in the beginning, it just "seemed" easy but it wasn't I had to show the differences between the two, I had to get out and ask questions to more experienced people, I had to write down my thought, every thought I had about my project on my process journals.

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