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Tartuffe and authority

             In society, authority is the best way to keep structure in society. After all, what else besides authority will keep structure in society? Order in society can only be controlled by one thing and one thing only, and that is a powerful figure. In Tartuffe, the King is the figure who represents authority. The King is one way in which Moliere shows a good example of authority. However, Moliere also shows a bad example of authority as well. This is represented through the connection between Organ and Tartuffe.
             In Tartuffe, Tartuffe is the main character. He is the so called "bad guy." During the whole play, Tartuffe, on the other hand, represents himself as a "good guy." There is one word that can describe Tartuffe, and that word is "hypocrite." That is what Tartuffe is, and he uses his hypocrisy to manipulate Organ. Organ, however, has no idea that Tartuffe is faking his whole personality. Organ, who is in charge of the household, holds the power of authority throughout the whole play. Moliere uses this as a bad example of authority because Organ, who is supposed to be smart and wise, actually falls for Tartuffe's falseness. If someone who holds a great amount of power can be fooled by someone else, then that shows a very bad example of authority. Just imagine living in a world with one leader who is charge of the world. Now imagine that leader, who is supposed to be smart, make bad decisions. That is exactly what Organ is doing. Organ is the leader of the household, and his bad decision is believing everything that Tartuffe says. .
             This example of bad authority goes even further. Organ actually loves Tartuffe as a great friend. Organ even wants to make Tartuffe the future leader of the household. Organ's foolishness in falling for Tartuffe's fake act is going to cause him to make great trouble in the family. Organ's son, Damis can see through Tartuffe. Even the maid of the household can see through Tartuffe.

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