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Battle fields of america

             Wars take place in many different places, from fields to mountains and from sea to shining sea. Wars are not for the faint at heart. During the 1900's, the time period that the two poems I"m comparing was written, wars were happening all over. The two poems I"ll be comparing are " In Flanders Field" by LT. Col. John McCrae, MD, and "Next to of Course God America" by E.E. Cumming. I believe these poems are both about war and how we need to keep fighting to protect liberty or those who died to protect it their voice went unheard.
             In the first poem "In Flanders Field" the tone of the poem seem to be sorrowful how it talks about "we are the Dead.", and "between crosses, row on row." It is phrases like this that make it seem sorrowful. I believe the poems tone is encouraging and uplifting because it uses words like "faith," "bravely," and "singing," all of these words promote happiness. This poem may be a type of motivational poem that says the end is sometimes the beginning. This poem has good flow and repetition. The rhyme scheme is AABBA. This poem has three evenly length stanzas with punctuation and line breaks.
             In the other poem by E.E. Cummings I believe the tone is motivational, it uses words like "heroic happy," and "beautiful." It is words like these that give this poem a motivational tone. This poem flows but not as well as Flanders Field. The rhyme scheme is ABAB. I think the reason this poem doesn't flow as well is it has no punctuation or line breaks.
             "In Flanders Field" the poem is weighing heavily on remembrance and honor. In the line "between crosses, row on row" this line show that the dead are being honored with crosses were they died. This also means more honorable, not covered up. The crosses show that it is important to remember those who have died for their country and to keep fighting. The crosses emphasizes that each individual is being remembered. .
             The speaker of the poem is the dead, and they don't want to be forgotten.

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