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Criticisms by Ray Bradbury

            1950's American writer, James Baldwin was heard saying, "I love America more then any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually." This applied to Ray Bradbury as well, in his novel The Martian Chronicles, he criticized things about the American society. Through this somewhat outlandish science fiction novel he touched upon many sensitive subjects such as, racial prejudice, the threat of war, and the provincial censorship that took place. I agree with Bradbury's criticisms, and they just showed how much he loved America.
             In the 1940's many feared war, especially a nuclear war. Once a nuclear weapon had been dropped the harmful effects would ripple throughout the land. Radioactive fallout will affect the way everyone lived. They would have to find a new source for drinking water, soil, and food, even the air would be affected, as the wind blows and spreads the danger. That was the reason why the taxpayer from the Martian Chronicles was eager to take a ride away from Earth and head for Mars. The atom bomb was a devastating weapon that has been kept unused since the day it was dropped on Hiroshima. Such a weapon, was more then reason enough to instill fear in the hearts of many Americans.
             After World War I, many people were afraid that another Red Scare would take place. They were afraid of communist movement, and any foreigners in general. These suspicions eventually turned to a type of censorship. In the Martian Chronicles, vampire, werewolf, and other material on the supernatural were banned. For one reason or another, these things were destroyed and kept under wraps. Though not to this measure or degree of censorship, but never-the-less it was the same principle suspicion that was the start. Many people could not say or write what they wished due to the censorship that took place.
             In the book, there was a part where the white people wanted the black people that wanted to go to Mars as well, to become servants.

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