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Robert Browning

            Robert Browning's Poetry: Style and Form.
             A wonderful poet, loving husband, and caring father can be found when Robert Browning is looked at. Robert Browning was recognized during the course of his life as one of the greatest poets alive and still hundreds of years after his death he is still revered as one of the world's greatest poets ever to live, Browning is especially known for his dramatic monologues. Robert Browning loved and respected poets such as Shelley and learned many things from him. Robert Browning was a man who loved poetry and helped to mold the face of Victorian poetry.
             Robert Browning was born on May 7, 1812 in Camberwell, England (Glenn Everett 1). Robert lived with his parents, Robert and Sarah Anna Browning, and his sister, Sarianna (Ian Lancashire). Robert received much of his early education at home from his father who was an extremely well read man (Everett 1). Browning's father would recreate the battle of Troy for his son as a fun educational way of learning history in their house using chairs (Everett 1). Browning's father also had a library of over 6,000 volumes that he used to teach young Robert from (Everett 1). Robert's education was a very important thing in his life that took priority over most. This led to young Robert being able to speak Latin, Greek, French, and Italian in addition to his native language of English all by the time he was fourteen years old (Everett 1). Robert attended the school of Reverend Thomas Ready in 1825 until he felt the need to further his education (Ian Lancashire 2). In 1828 Robert went to further his education at the University of London but soon after dropped out to pursue his own reading at his own pace (Everett 1). Robert loved to write and appeared to be quite good at it so in the 1830's Robert met an actor, William Macready, and began attempting to write verse drama for the stage (Everett 1). In 1845 Robert was doing some reading when he ran across a few poems that grabbed his attention.

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